ADCG on Privacy & Cybersecurity

81 | Looking at Cyber Leadership & Costly Mistakes

Episode Summary

This week we are joined by Rachel Briggs and Richard Brinson from Savanti, a UK-based cybersecurity consulting entity. Richard Brinson is CEO of Savanti, has been CISO at several large corporations, including Unilever and Sainsbury’s. He was named one of the top CISOs in the world and has over 20 years of experience in the field. Rachel Briggs is an Executive Adviser to Savanti and a leading expert on security and regularly advises large multinationals and governments. She is an Associate Fellow and Chatam House and was awarded the OBE in 2014. Richard and Rachel have just authored The Future of Cyber Security Leadership Series and their first publication is “Cyber Security Leadership is Broken: Here’s how to fix it.”