ADCG on Privacy & Cybersecurity

86 | Using Tools to Help Manage Incident Response

Episode Summary

Lauren Wallace, Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel for RadarFirst, a leading tool for cyber incident management joins our host, Jody Wesby, on episode 86 of ADCG on Privacy & Cybersecurity. Building off our last podcast with Violet Sullivan, we discuss how privacy and cybersecurity incidents are converging and the difficulty large companies are having in managing the vast array of data involved in incident response, especially as it relates to U.S. and global privacy and cybersecurity compliance requirements. We also delve into the complexity of notification requirements, involving law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, attorneys general, regulators, and victims and how incident response tools can help manage the notification process and decrease notification. Lauren Wallace is a digital privacy subject matter expert, working at the intersection of technology and data subject rights. A senior privacy and technology counsel, Lauren has significant real-world experience in enterprise technology transactions, data protection, partnerships, and product.